About us

TELEMEDICA is a Company that designs, develops and produces control systems and alarm devices for medical, technical, food and pure gases sectors.

TELEMEDICA prides a wide portfolio of customers located in the EU and Extra-EU Countries: our products are present all over the European territories, with products installed in many medical gases distribution plants in large hospitals and nursing home, especially in Italy, France, Germany and Sweden. 
Outside the EU territories, TELEMEDICA is present on the Middle East, North Africa, North America and South America markets.

The range of activities that TELEMEDICA offers to the customers includes:

Production, design and the development of a wide range of devices for the medical field, able to satisfy all applications that are usually required: alarms and control devices for manifolds, devices (also using wireless technology) to control tanks, alarm devices to control the pressure of gases and the valves status in departments and other special applications.

Production, design and development of control systems in order to satisfy all possible needs of technical and industrial gases distribution plants.

Development of several lines of products on behalf of other prestigious and well-known companies. These products are currently sold by them, marked with their own brands.

Providing highly integrated solutions for the control and supervision of the entire plant for the distribution of medical gases in the hospital, capable to be interfaced with any BMS systems (Building Management Systems).

Design, construction, operation and maintenance of medical and technical gases distribution plants and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems installed in part or whole hospitals, care homes, surgeries.

Providing services of re-qualification and adaptation to the standards of existing plants, making them comply with the latest European and international regulations.

Providing of high purity oxygen delivery systems, cylinders filling plants and oxygen generators for medical, industrial and military application.

Safety devices and regulating devices for medical, industrial and food applications: gas mixers, analysers, leak detectors, anti-return flames valves, unidirectional valves and overpressure valves.

Installation and maintenance of equipment for pure and ultra-pure, toxic and corrosive gases sectors.

Providing services for the construction and installation of pipelines for pure and ultra-pure gases, modifications and/or revamping of existing facilities to making them to comply to the applicable regulations.